General Terms and Conditions of Use                                            

Reference is made to the General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Delivery of Wieland Electric GmbH, which also shall apply to orders placed at our eShop (§ 2 numeral 3.)

1. Limitation of liability

Although Wieland prepares and maintains its Internet offers and the entire website with painstaking care, errors and mistakes for which Wieland cannot accept liability may occur within the Internet areas. Wieland’s web offers contain links, respectively hyperlinks leading to third-party websites, i.e. to web offers of other suppliers.  For different reasons reference is made to these third-party offers. Wieland, however, does not have any influence on third-party offers and only provides access to external contents  and therefore cannot accept any warranty for their contents and design.

Despite utmost care, conscientious preparation and examination there is still the possibility of errors occurring in the information, software and documentation provided on Wieland’s website. Provided such information, software or documentation is delivered free of charge, any liability for defects as to quality or in title shall be excluded. This applies in particular to any liability to the products’ topicality, correctness,  faultlessness, exemption from any third-party property or copy rights, quality, completeness, and/or applicability unless committed intentionally or fraudulently or  if life, body or health are injured or violated. The limitation of liability shall also apply to any claim for damages (direct and indirect damages). The websites of third-party suppliers are not verified. On no account shall Wieland be deemed liable for them. The use of such websites is entirely at the user’s own risk.

We expressly refer to the limitations of liability in the General Terms and Conditions of Messrs. Wieland (General Conditions of Sales and Delivery, General Terms and Conditions for Purchasing, and general software conditions).

When downloading contents or software made available from our websites, as far as you are authorized to do so, you should take every precaution possible to guarantee that the contents and the software are free of viruses and that they cannot disturb or damage the operation of your computer for other reasons.

Wieland shall not give any warranty for downloads. Besides, you should see to it that any downloaded software is compatible with the software you use.  Wieland shall not be held liable for the compatibility.

As far as the planing and computing tools provided on the website are used, Wieland does not accept any liability for the correctness and accuracy of the results achieved.

The products of Wieland are described on Wieland’s Internet sites. This involves non-warranted characteristics. Besides, declarations of guaranty or undertaking as to the fitness of the products for particular purposes shall neither be promised nor guaranteed. Unfortunately, mistakes or typing errors cannot be excluded.

Wieland endeavors to keep all of the technical documentation provided up to date for each of its products. Please note, however, that drawings and CAD images in particular are not required to be updated regularly. Likewise, technical values are only averages. Accurate data requirements, as well as approved process tolerances should be requested in advance from Wieland. For contact details, please see our website.


2. Data protection

Personal data shall exclusively be used in forms to establish contacts in order to reply to the respective inquiries. Additionally, personal data is collected when users voluntarily log in specific systems within the Internet offers for public exchange.   For inquiries by email or via the website the email addresses and names are collected provided they refer to customer inquiries and the data are required to properly deal with these customer inquiries.

Wieland shall not be held liable for any deletion or change of the data stored.


3. Intellectual Property

Wieland’s web-based products are subject to legal protections with regard to copyright, competition and trademarks, and in part are subject to patent, utility model and design protections. Except where otherwise noted, Wieland is the exclusive owner of all intellectual property and technical expertise; in particular, copyrights and ancillary copyrights, know-how, intellectual property, design patents and trademark rights, and is the sole bearer of the right to use and/or exploitation.

The reproduction and/or dissemination of any information made available, even by download, in particular technical and software documentation, is not permitted without prior written consent or consent provided in writing by Wieland. Explicit reference is made to the relevant provisions of §§ 2 (1), no. 7, 4 no. 9 of the German Copyright Act (UrhG); 17, 18 German Fair Trade Practices Act (UWG); 14, 15 of the GermanTrademark Act; 38 of the German Design Act; 139 of the German Patent Law, 24 of the German Utility Model Act (GbmG); and Art. 9 of the CMTR, 19 of the CDR; and 64, 69 of the EPC.

Wieland endeavors to observe applicable intellectual property rights pertaining to all of the information, software and technical documentation on this website. All of the brands potentially protected by third parties mentioned within the Wieland website, as well as business names and other identifying features are unconditionally subject to the provisions of applicable trademark law and the rights of ownership and possession of the respective registered owners. Any reproduction and/or distribution thereof requires the express permission of Wieland or the respective copyright holder if Wieland does have the right of use.

4. Check-back by Email

For further inquiries you can either use our service via email or contact us using the phone number 0951/93240.


5. Other details referring to the use

In the event that you disagree with our terms and conditions of use, you shall not be permitted to use our Internet sites; you have to stop using them immediately. Our website is open to all individuals of full legal capacity and all legal entities.

We want to point out that parents of minors may be held liable for acts performed by their minor children as a result of a breach of the duty of supervision or in their capacity as owners of the connection. Although all publications are accessible to the general public, they are principally addressed to experienced specialist. Unless you order catalogs or products, you need not register in order to use our website. Using the log-in function, you can register against payment. This allows you to use the Wieland data base worldwide.


6. Final provisions

The General Terms and Conditions of Use shall be governed by German law.   Bamberg shall be deemed place of jurisdiction. The contractual language is German.

Reference is made to the General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Delivery of Wieland Electric GmbH, which also shall apply to orders placed at our eShop (§ 2 numeral 3.)

7. Severability

Should any individual provision of the present General Terms and Conditions of Use  be or become ineffective, in whole or in part,  the validity of the remaining provisions hereof shall in no way be affected. The ineffective provisions shall be replaced by relative provisions coming as close as possible to the sense, spirit and economic purpose of the ineffective provision. The same shall apply to any regulatory gap.

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